Catch the light

There is something about nature, about life, about fishes – light is almost synonymous with life, the source of everything in nature… and this has inspired people to a level of creativity combining fishes with light.

Those designing the various electrical fish lights may consider themselves very creative, but in fact, greasy fishes have been used for ages as candles. Sometimes by sticking a wick into the fish and burning it this way, at other times, like with the eulachon aka candlefish, by simply burning the fish from one end.

The candlefish, found at toque&canoe: “By the Light of the Candlefish”.

Not so different from the traditional way of making candles by using fat from sheep or other domestic animals, when thinking about it.

But practicality aside: how about this shark fin for the garden or indoor? It is called Shark, is from Moree and is available from the Discovery Channel Store.

A very minimalist approach, but quite decorative and inspiring for creative use – available from AliExpress:

Frank Gehry must be mentioned – his architectural work is advanced and special, and often inspired by fishes. His artwork even more so, resulting in some very beautiful lamps, like this one, found at .itsliquid:

VLightDeco has a number of IQ Puzzle Jigsaw Lamps in their repetoire, some of them shaped like fishes:

A very logical way of constructing a fish lamp – if you are an angler. This way you really did catch the light! It is called -Mykiss- and has been designed by Minke van Voorthuizen for Pols Potten:


The life-size fish used as the header image of this article is the Koi from the Spanish lighting company LZF.

Koi from LZF, designed by Inocuo The sign & LZF Lab.

Same company has another fish, here shown in the company of an elephant:

From LZF, Fish and Elephant, both designed by Isidro Ferrer.

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