After having inherited an old paraffin lamp and a glass shade from an electrical lamp from the 1930s, I started looking for information on the internet. And I discovered a big and exciting world of light that includes many practical and philosophical topics like:

  • Design and interior design
  • The joy of light in different shapes and colors
  • Repairing lamps
  • Using the right fuel
  • History
  • Techniques
  • People and society

There is a lot of information available on the internet, but a large part of it has some lacks or is directly wrong. You can find, for instance, discussions about what fuel you can use in your paraffin lamps, now that paraffin has become so expensive – and there get recommendations on using everything from food oil to diesel, along with various homemade mixtures. And you can find lamps for sale that are assembled from the wrong parts, such as a paraffin lamp with a Kosmos burner that has been equipped with a chimney of the “wiener” type.

Some years ago, I went through a larger process of trying to find LED alternatives for all existing lamps in my home, which at that time was an interesting but also difficult idea to carry through: there were not that many products in existence and the quality lacked somewhat behind. Today, things look much better but still, LED isn’t always the right choice – and an overview is almost impossible to get, since light bulbs of all kinds are sold as consumables without advice and often with the wrong color, strength, etc. for the purpose.

In continuation of my own interest and need for finding both lamps, spare parts, resellers, repairers, and knowledge about both electrical, paraffin, candle, and other types of lamps, I have thought that other people may also benefit from what I am finding.

Therefore this blog, which I hope to update regularly with articles, big and small, of a both technical, historical, and journalistic nature – and then some that are simply about my own thoughts and ideas.

You will also find links to other blogs, shops, etc. – as a ground rule such links are just for general information and do not imply a recommendation.

I will be grateful for comments and likes, so that I can see that the blog has been useful for someone. And if you have supplementary information and corrections, ideas for articles – or if you have written something that you would like to see published on this blog – please contact me, so that we can share our knowledge and interest with each other and everybody else.


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